Hi dear readers! This year I attended my first OWASP AppSec EU both as an attendee and speaker. IMG_5535-2 I really enjoyed the conference, the community-driven presentations and 3 tracks (DevOps, Developer, CISO, Hacker). Because of my interests I decided to follow the Hacker track.

Man in contacts

The first presentation that I attended on AppSec was Man in contacts by Jeremy Matos and Laureline David. The main idea was to create malicious app that has access to your contacts (you actually give the permissions) and then all your contacts are drained to the malicious C&C. After that, the attacker knows exactly who do you have saved and using the malicious app is able to create a duplicate but with other phone number (the permission to contacts allows both to read and write to the contacts). Then, the attacker is able to send you a message via for instance Signal (from number that belongs to the duplicated contact) and you will be probably social engineered ;-). The researchers reported this and they received following responses: IMG_5541-2-1

The last XSS talk

Next presentation that I came, was The last defense XSS talk by Jim Manico. Like every Jim’s talk - very dynamic, interesting and funny. Jim has amazing energy and loves to spread the knowledge. To pentesters I think the content was nothing new, but for people who are not aware how to deal with XSS’ - must to see! Jim, as a part of super cool OWASP community, is going to share the slides on CC license! IMG_5542

Testing iOS apps without Jailbreak in 2018

After Jim that was time for me to give the talk. I don’t want to be a judge in my own case so here you can download slides and just see 😉 Credits to Wojciech Dworakowski for the photo 😃 IMG_5594

Attacking modern web technologies

After my talk I went on Attacking modern web technologies by Frans Rosen. A lot of interesting examples that had a real impact on business models (for example how Dropbox was forced to delete users’ personal directories). Over 3,6 slides per minute - pretty dynamic presentation, haha. 🔥🔥🔥 IMG_5551

Winning - the future perspective in the next 20 years!

After the fire it was time for a Keynote - Winning - the future perspective in the next 20 years! by Andrew van der Stock. I really enjoyed the historical part of his presentation - did you know that, let’s say, the ancestor of OWASP top 10 has been created in 1976 and then classified?! IMG_5555

Imperial War Museum - Networking Event

Would it be inappropriate to start this section with the following sentence: Free beer for #speakers? 😉 I like historical places, so the Imperial War Museum was amazing for me. Few photos below: IMG_5585 Real enigma: IMG_5587 ‘#food’ IMG_5579 IMG_5578

2nd day

XSS is dead

The second day has started with Mario Heiderich’s talk about XSS. He touched the interesting problem - glorification of vulnerabilities instead of fixes. He also asked a question who really wants the XSS to be permanently fixed - the king of every bug bounty program, haha. 😅 IMG_5599

Outsmarting smart contracts

Presentation by my colleague Damian Rusinek - yes, SecuRing had 2 talks on AppSec this year. 😉 That was the first time I saw this presentation and I really enjoyed it. It was one big PoC of things that can go wrong in smart contracts. Btw - really cool example with using blockchain to eVoting - imagine that every citizen will be able to verify voting results… Link to the presentation here IMG_5607

Prepare(): Introducing Novel Exploitation Techniques in Wordpress

Talk gave by Robin Peraglie. I liked PoCes and always hard to do live demo. I knew about all presented techniques but for those who haven’t heard about double preparing problem in WordPress (and about custom prepared statements…) I can recommend this presentation! IMG_5609

Bye bye AppSec

That was the end of my journey. I hope I will be on the next AppSec too! 👍🏻 IMG_5617