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Stealing your SMS messages with iOS 0day

This is a special post because I fully based on another researcher, s1guza’s 0day. All of this story began from the following tweet: Siguza told us that his 0day was patched in the iOS 13.5 beta3. So this is actually a sandbox escape 0day for the newest, non-beta iOS version (13.4.1). In this post, I’ll show you how I reproduced that bug and wrote a malicious application that uses that 0day to steal the iMessage history!

Your Signal messages can leak via locked screen on macOS

If you are a security-aware person, you probably use one of the secure messengers. 😏 And maybe to improve your comfort, you installed its desktop version on your mac? Sometimes we leave our computer unattended when we go to make a coffee, or we need to talk with somebody in the other room. Since we are security-aware, we always lock our screens (you do that, right?). But what if all messages sent to you will be visible on your locked mac?

Clone your finger - bypassing TouchID

In this short blog post, I will present to you why the alphanumeric password is much more secure than using biometrics. At my home, as a total n00b, I was able to clone my finger that bypassed TouchID. To be honest in my case, effectiveness was about 10%-15% - but like I wrote before, it was my first time, and I didn’t have any professional tools. Before I start, I want to credit Łukasz Bobrek & Paweł Kuryłowicz from SecuRing that showed me their research.